Prepare To Protect Your HVAC System For Disaster

Prepare To Protect Your HVAC System For Disaster

There is a tremendous amount of climate change happening around the world. Storms, hurricanes, and bad weather have become common concerns for homeowners. Despite extreme weather affecting residents’ routine lives, it can also cause substantial damage to both the units of heating and cooling in Batavia, NY.

Therefore, you must take appropriate measures to ensure your HVAC unit is safe. We have gathered some of the best tips from professionals to help you protect your heating and cooling system during extreme weather conditions.

Minimize the Damage and Keep the HVAC Units Safe by Following These Tips.

Make Sure Your Outdoor Heating And Cooling Units Are Covered

Identify the units directly exposed to extreme weather as the first measure you can take to protect them. During storms and hurricanes, outdoor units can sustain major damage. The fins and refrigerant coils in the outdoor unit can be damaged and cause problems for your entire system. Covering your outdoor unit is a precautionary measure you can take to protect your HVAC system.

Heavy metal mesh can stay in place and protect your system. They will not affect your heating or cooling system. You can easily remove them during normal weather to access the unit and then replace them. You can even protect your system from catching trash that can negatively affect its performance. Get in touch with a professional for AC service in Hamlin, NY.

Curbing The Use of HVAC System

During extreme weather conditions, your heating and cooling system may suffer irreversible damage that may require a complete replacement. During this time, it is recommended that you turn off your HVAC system. If you receive weather alerts, it’s best to turn off your thermostat and then shut off the main breaker. You will cut off the entire energy supply to the system.

Any power-related mishap is substantially reduced as a result. Transformers can be damaged by extreme weather and cause a power outage. A sudden interruption in power can be quite damaging to your heating and air conditioning system. It may not cause a breakdown immediately, but it can weaken the system over time.

Protecting The Exposed Wires

Due to extreme weather and temperature changes, several short-circuiting incidents occur due to exposed wires. To avoid any hassle amidst harsh weather conditions, you should hire a professional in Batavia for AC repair and get the wires between your outdoor HVAC unit and home-covered and properly insulated. Get a professional to install a surge protector at your circuit breaker, protecting your HVAC system from the exposed wires.

Don’t Cut Back On Maintenance

In extreme weather conditions, routine maintenance is crucial to preventing damage. To operate optimally all year round, heating and air conditioning require routine service and maintenance. The temperature change will most likely cause your system problems if you haven’t kept up with the maintenance. Ensure your ac unit is serviced by a professional Batavia AC repair company.

Secure Your Unit From High Winds

Despite not being considered extreme weather, high and strong winds can cause problems for your HVAC. Strong winds carry debris and dust into your HVAC system through the outdoor units, which can cause your HVAC system to malfunction. As debris accumulates, it affects the air intake. Besides obstructing airflow, it damages the quality of air passed through.

In this way, your system is stressed, resulting in increased energy consumption and wear and tear. Additionally, it poses a greater health risk to you and your family. You can prevent such incidents by covering your outdoor units. This weather makes it ideal not to use your heating and cooling systems.

Installing Outdoor Units on Elevation

In flood-like situations, you can take this precautionary measure. The outdoor units can be placed on patio stones or raised concrete platforms. As a result, they will be well protected from flooding.

Keep The Area Clear

To avoid HVAC damage during hurricanes, storms, and floods, you must clear the area around the outdoor unit. You must store items such as furniture, tools, toys, or other similar items away from outdoor units. Winds and water can hit or enter the heating and cooling unit, causing damage.


Getting the right assistance is the most important thing. A certified professional on board will ensure that your HVAC system functions optimally. Only they can provide you with the right advice on protecting your heating and air conditioning from bad weather.

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