Expert Tips For Turning Off Your Heater

Expert Tips For Turning Off Your Heater

Many homeowners look forward to finding new ways to save on their monthly expenses on heating repairs or services in Batavia, NY, when the seasons change. Spring and summer bring warmer weather that signals the end of using the furnace for some households. 

During the spring and summer, your furnace’s efficiency will depend on how you use it. As will not need it a few months until winter, it would be better if you turned off your furnace until then. 

Is it Necessary to Turn off the Furnace?

Heating repair in Batavia, NY, advise opening the windows and allowing the cool breezes to flow through your home. You turn your heater to the highest setting when the weather turns colder. However, knowing when to turn off the heat can greatly impact your energy usage and wallet.

The electricity consumed by gas furnaces during the summer will continue to rise. Pilot lights in furnaces consume natural gas over the summer to keep them in operation, which is wasteful. The sensors on a natural gas furnace will continue to operate if the furnace is not shut down during the season.

Additionally, it will need to be shut off if you have an electric furnace instead of a gas one. In the summer, shutting off your furnace will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint and unwanted heating repair in Batavia, NY.

Turning off your Furnace: How to do it?

To avoid wasting energy, you should shut off the gas and electricity. The pilot light can be extinguished by turning the knob to the off position. You can also extinguish the pilot light after turning off the main gas supply.

Benefits of Turning off your Furnace

Saving on electric bills is possible by turning off the furnace. It saves natural resources, which is beneficial to the environment. In the case of an older furnace, it can be extremely beneficial to turn it off when it is not used.

During the summer, a continuously burning pilot light can create moist air, making your house more humid. Worrying about your house heating up won’t be necessary if you turn off the furnace. For more information, you can contact a professional for furnace service in Hamlin, NY.

  • Lower the thermostat as much as possible.
  • Check that there is no activity in the heating system.
  • Ensure that the heating system’s power switch is turned off.
  • Close the tank’s fuel supply valve.

To Summarize

The temperatures can fluctuate dramatically daily during the spring, but they are more consistent during the summer. There is usually no need to turn the heat on during the summer nights because it is warm enough. It is often the only appliance you do not want to run during the hot summer days.

Frontier Heating can assist you in turning off your furnace during the hot, dry summer months. If any parts need heating installation in Batavia, NY, before winter, we can make a service appointment. You can also prepare your furnace for months of inactivity during by calling (585) 589-2525 or emailing us.