Top 5 Tips For Choosing A Reputable HVAC Company In Batavia

Finding the ideal HVAC company in Batavia is a task in itself. Numerous companies claim to be the best, but how would you know which company is the one for you? We’ve got you covered with the best tips while searching for an HVAC repair company.

Why Call For HVAC Repair?

The longer you wait to address an HVAC problem, the worse it will become. Ignoring an HVAC problem invites extra tension and pain into your house. If you’re not cautious, it might potentially cause health concerns. Furthermore, the cost of repairing your HVAC equipment is likely to rise the longer you wait to hire an HVAC professional.

Tips For Hiring A Reputable HVAC Company

  • Inquiry Around

Reach out to friends and relatives who reside in your neighborhood. It is the ideal approach to start your search. Ask as to who they turn to for HVAC assistance, and more significantly, why. You want to learn everything you can about a professional and the services they provide. It’s beneficial to obtain a sense of their degree of professionalism, pricing rates, and general job quality.

  • Look For Testimonials And Reviews

The finest of the best comments from customers is generally included in the testimonials on a company site. These are the people who are highly impressed by a professional. While their advice is helpful, you should also look at third-party reviews on the Internet and other media to see what clients have to say about their less-than-ideal AC installation in Batavia, NY experiences.

  • Check The Licensing

When looking for an HVAC professional, the next step is to look into licensing. It should be a simple task. The majority of HVAC businesses prominently show their license information on their website, brochures, and even vehicles! However, it is your responsibility to determine whether or not an HVAC firm is licensed.

  • Know Their Experience Years

You don’t want to pick an HVAC firm that has just started up. It isn’t to imply that such a company is unreliable; nonetheless, it lacks the HVAC knowledge of experts who have been at it for a lot longer. Going with the more knowledgeable choice is the safest bet. When it’s time for a professional to get to business and solve your home’s HVAC problems, you’ll have more assurance.

  • Get A Quote

Take a moment to make a phone call just when you believe all of your explorations have led you to the perfect HVAC expert. Set up a diagnosis visit with the firm you’re considering employing. It is your opportunity to get a better sense of the professionals who will be working on your HVAC system for tasks like a heating installation in Batavia, NY.

Now you’re all set to begin searching for a reputable HVAC company with these five tips in mind. Frontier Heating & A/C Service, Inc. offers 24/7 HVAC services. To get the best price with top-quality services, call us at (585) 589-2525 or drop an email at


Tips For Common HVAC System Repairs

Even the most costly HVAC system can still have issues if you don’t take adequate care of them. HVAC systems require a lot of upkeep. It is designed to withstand a lot of punishment and remain running. It is excellent in most ways, but it can lead to a lack of maintenance awareness. To function effectively, air conditioners require frequent tune-ups.

To keep your house at a reasonable temperature, you’ll need to maintain your air conditioning and heating systems regularly. Contact your local AC contractor in Batavia if you see any symptoms of trouble. Minor issues can soon grow, especially if the device in question is still in use.

A simple air-conditioner cleaning is one of the few everyday activities that will pay off generously. 

  • Poor Air Quality Problems

The absence of fresh air getting into the house causes poor indoor air quality. If the issue is neglected, the air’s quality may deteriorate with time. Even if you use high-quality air filters, the overall quality of your house may deteriorate. Fortunately, there is a simple solution. 

Open your windows and allow your fans to disperse the air within your home now and again. It will bring new air into your home while removing the old, stagnant air.

  • HVAC Thermostat Issues

A malfunctioning thermostat is one of the most prevalent HVAC problems. It’s possible that the thermostat was set incorrectly or that the device was defective. In any case, understanding the fundamental HVAC troubleshooting techniques may help resolve this issue. If not, hiring heating maintenance in Batavia, NY, will suffice.

  • Approaching Uneven Cooling

If one area is colder than another or the other way around, there might be a problem with your ducts, vents, or air filter. Regardless of the reason, You must treat this issue as soon as possible. The best course of action is to hire a heating and air professional. Playing around with do-it-yourself remedies might make things worse.

  • Rising Electricity Bills

Did you observe a sudden increase in your electricity bill despite no changes in your HVAC consumption pattern? If this is the case, you should contact HVAC professionals. HVAC systems account for over half of all residential energy use, according to the state median. If you see an increase in your energy cost, have a professional examine your system for any issues.

  • Hire An Expert

Make sure you select a local heating and conditioning professional. If you don’t hire the appropriate HVAC contractor, you might end up paying thousands of dollars in repair fees. Take your time while looking for an air conditioner or heating professional. Ensure that the firm you pick has a solid track record, fantastic pricing, and dependable services.

We can help you save money on expensive AC repairs. To get the best deals on AC maintenance in Batavia, contact Frontier Heating & A/C Service, Inc. Call us at (585) 589-2525 or drop a mail at

How And What To Understand About An HVAC Upgrade In Your Home?

Living a comfortable life in your historic home while preserving it is not that troublesome once you start asking the right questions related to the HVAC upgrade. Here are a few things to think about before going for an upgrade – 

You are fortunate to own a historic house. However, preserving its beauty can be difficult, especially when it comes down to the little things, like an HVAC upgrade. Now, it is essential to contact an HVAC contractor for HVAC repair in Batavia who can meet your requirements because local laws need to be considered before making any changes to your historic home.  

  • Local Climate 

Extreme temperatures can have a significant impact on your home. For example, humid winters can produce visible signs of damage on the in-house paints and furniture. Similarly, summers can bring along softened woods, corroded metals, and much more. 

In the short run, these things may not look like colossal damage; however, in the long run, these are cost-generating factors. So instead, if you feel that your historic home is getting affected by the temperatures, it is time you should upgrade to a modern HVAC system. 

  • Efficiency 

Most historic homes use fuel like oil that has been converted from coal. It might have proved to be efficient a long time back when temperature changes were not so extreme. But, now, it is difficult for such inefficient systems to deal with extreme weather conditions.

So, a modern HVAC system could be an effective solution to such problems because there is even distribution. Not just that, modern systems also provide a lot of control over internal temperatures. You can raise it or decrease it at your convenience. 

  • Ductwork 

Modern homes have the infrastructure of carrying heavy ductwork, but older homes were not. Most historic homeowners use radiators to heat and often worry about where the ductwork should be placed. However, there is a lot of hidden space where ductwork can be fixed, which needs a knowledgeable contractor. It needs to be the correct size and fixed in a place that should not look abrupt. They will study your home, understand where the system can be placed, and recommend a feasible model. 

The older buildings are not designed for modern technologies. Hence, while making these changes, it is crucial that everything is exceptionally gentle and utmost care is taken. Even a new and modern HVAC system cannot solve the wear and tear of historic homes existing for more than a hundred years. 

These projects require highly qualified technicians and sound systems to ensure enough planning to preserve these historic homes. We are the right choice for that, as we can help you with your comfort while preserving your home.

If you are looking for Batavia AC repair, or any other AC service in Hamlin, NYfeel free to call Frontier Heating & A/C Service on (585)-589-2525 or write to us at to know more about us and book our services!


Some Easy Ways to Improve Your AC’s Efficiency

Air conditioners have become a necessity for every home now. However, it gets difficult to be comfortable at home, especially during the peak summer seasons. And most homeowners add to the discomfort by not inspecting the AC before summer starts. Instead, they check it during the season, and then it gets challenging to find a technician if anything needs AC repair in Batavia. Hence, the number one tip is to keep your system ready for the summer season by scheduling maintenance. 

Apart from that, here are other five tips that can help improve your air conditioner’s efficiency – 

  • Keep Windows And Doors Closed 

When your AC is on, along with doors and windows opened, it may take a long time for the system to spread enough cool air evenly. But, keeping the doors and windows closed will help cool the air faster. Once you want to open the windows, ensure that your unit is off. Otherwise, it is just a waste of energy. 

  • Clean And Replace Filters 

In the peak summer season, it is a common phenomenon that ACs are on, day in and day out. It ensures that the system does not need much time to accumulate enough dirt and debris in its filters. And, once that happens, the dirt is what regulates and also decreases the indoor air quality of your home. If filters are not cleaned on time, it may also cause unnecessary load on the system, stopping it from even turning on. Filters must be replaced every 30-90 days or as needed. 

  • Switching To A Smart Thermostat 

Thermostats give you enough control to increase or decrease the temperature. However, increasing the temperatures when no one is at home is of no use. Instead, you can switch to smart thermostats, connect them with your smartphone’s wifi, and even when you are out, you can change the temperature. It will ensure that once you reach home, your room has already reached the desired cool temperature. Not to mention the extra costs that you will save in the way of low electricity bills. 

  • Keep The Surroundings Clean. 

The outdoor unit can work efficiently only when it is spotless from dust and debris. This can happen only when you regularly check your unit and clean unnecessary material that may have come falling on your garden. 

  • Professional Maintenance 

Most homeowners believe that maintenance is an unnecessary expense. Some things can be taken care of at home itself. However, no significant problems will ever be detected if professional services are taken. As a result, the problems will keep building up, and later AC repair in Hamlin, NY will not be enough. And that will be more expensive than maintenance. Hence, in a way, maintenance is a small investment for keeping your AC efficient in the long run. 

If you are looking for AC service in Batavia, NY, or any other HVAC-related services, please call Frontier Heating & A/C Services or write to us at to know more about us and book our services!


When To Call An HVAC Professional

A time would come when your AC system requires the attention of a technician but before calling for professional help, some things can be done by yourself. Your AC might be facing a small problem that can be fixed by yourself, so It’s better to know when to call an HVAC professional for help. Here are some steps to go through before you call a professional for HVAC repair Batavia.

Inspection of AC system 

If you find out that your AC system is no longer working the way it should be, there are a few things you can check by yourself before reaching out for professional help – 

Check the thermostat settings

The unit of the thermostat must be set to cool with an appropriate temperature setting. Check the calibration and temperature settings of the thermostat.

Clean the air filter

Make sure that the air filter is free from dust and dirt, which causes blockage of airflow. Replace the air filter if required.

Inspect outdoor compressor unit

Examine the outdoor unit of your ac system and check the pipelines for leakage and proper airflow. Make sure that no dirt in the pipes is blocking the airflow.

All of these things are simple fixes that do not require the assistance of a technician.

Maintenance to prevent future repair

Conduct a thorough maintenance checkup of your ac system at least once a year. You might be very good at performing basic maintenance, but there are things that an HVAC technician is trained to do better. Fixing the electrical connections, coolant levels and checking the proper functioning of mechanical components are performed by HVAC professionals.

A maintenance checkup prevents your ac system from future repair, damage, and increases AC’s life by maintaining its healthy condition. Frontier Heating & A/C Services provides some of Batavia’s best maintenance checkups and air conditioning repair facilities.

Reach out for professional help

If you observe any changes in the functioning of your ac, strange sounds, the output of warm air, or complete shutdown of the ac system, schedule an appointment with professionals to prevent any further damage to your ac system. 

You have to provide a bit of information about the problem with your AC, and a technician will arrive at your given address. Frontier Heating & A/C Services offers quick responses to AC heating and cooling issues in Batavia, NY.

Select a reputable company

When it comes to fixing AC problems, always choose a reputable company. AC is one of the premium appliances that deliver comfort, making sure that the company you choose for assistance is licensed with good reviews. The company must guarantee their work and provide a quick solution. 

If you fail to locate or fix the problem, then reach out for the help of professionals as there are some parts of an AC that only a technician could fix. Check out the quality services and easy Air Conditioning repair Batavia NY offered by Frontier Heat & A/C Services. Contact them on their website and book an appointment.


Top 7 AC Problems and Their Remedies

Spending a hot summer in New York City with a non-functioning air conditioner would be a disaster. There could be a few reasons why your AC isn’t working properly, however it is probably because of age. Every air conditioner faces technical problems as it gets old, but there are some problems which you can resolve.

Top 7 causes of AC problems

Low refrigerant

The refrigerant acts as a working fluid for every ac, and a low level of refrigerant causes serious trouble to the ac system. The level of the refrigerant decreases due to leakage and holes in the pipe. You would need an HVAC repair technician to fix the leakage. 

Evaporator coils

Evaporator coils are filled with refrigerant, and these coils require warm air circulation for proper flowing of refrigerant. A layer of ice can build up on the evaporator coil due to improper airflow. This leads to the output of warm air.

Condenser coil

Condenser coil gets blocked due to dirt and debris. This decreases the efficiency of the ac system.

Fan problems

Fan problems occur due to a faulty motor, lack of lubrication, worn belts, or collection of dirt and debris. This causes poor airflow and air conditioner problems; further, it can lead to compressor failure.

Leaking ducts

Leakage of cool air from the ducts due to holes or breaks. Leakage of ducts that runs through your walls and ceilings causes more pressure on components of ac which increases the utility bills.

Thermostat problems

Incorrectly calibrated thermostat causes air conditioning problems due to incorrect control settings. This problem can be fixed easily by replacing or recalibrating your thermostats.

Clogged drains

A clogged drain line happens due to dirt and debris inside the drainage poor, and it causes a collection of water that can damage your ac system. Further, it leads to the growth of fungus and molds.

Easy methods to prevent air conditioning problems

Clean or replace air filters

Airflow problems and freezing of condenser coils can be fixed by cleaning or replacing air filters.

Repair duct line

A thorough inspection of the duct line is required if you suspect any leakage or inadequate airflow. Reach out to an HVAC technician to examine the duct lines of your ac system.

Get a programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats are more reliable, convenient, and accurate for every ac control system. They save energy and can be operated through remote or smartphones.

Clean the outdoor unit

Do not ignore the outdoor unit; these units need to get cleaned at regular intervals of time. Neglecting debris and dirt collected in the outdoor units causes blockage of the drain line, fan failure, and work pressure on other components of the ac system.

Regular maintenance

Conduct maintenance checkup of the entire ac system every 4 months to ensure the air conditioner’s proper functioning and long life. 

Checkout maintenance checkup facilities provided by Frontier Heating & A/C – Reliable AC Contractor in Batavia, NY.

It is always suggested that you should select outstanding company services with good reviews. Feel free to contact the experts at Frontier Heating & A/C Service in Batavia, NY, which offers high-quality AC repair in Hamlin, NY along with easy AC replacement. Contact at (585) 589-2525 for more information.

When Is The Best Time For An AC Tune-Up?

It is very frustrating if your air conditioning unit breaks down in the middle of the night on a hot summer evening. No one wants to face the scorching heat because of the fallacies of the air conditioner. To avoid such a situation, the best thing to do is to keep a check on the air conditioning unit’s efficiency.

Regular maintenance services must be scheduled so that there is no hefty damage to the air conditioning unit. Frontier Heat provides the best services and is spread over a huge area, ranging from the best AC service to AC maintenance Batavia.

What Does An AC Tune-Up Service Include?

An air conditioning tune-up service includes the following:

  • Checking the outdoor and indoor units and cleaning the units to remove any dirt or debris that restrict the airflow. The debris present can reduce the air conditioning unit’s efficiency, so cleaning it from time to time is essential.
  • Adjusting the refrigerant levels.
  • Inspection of the air filter. A replacement may also be needed depending upon the condition of the air filter.
  • Measuring the motor voltage and amperage.
  • Inspecting the disconnect box and the evaporator coil.
  • Tightening all electrical connections.
  • Checking all the other mechanical parts for any defects or chances of potential failures.

Why Does My Air Conditioner Need A Tune-Up?

Your Air Conditioning unit needs regular tune-ups to keep your air conditioner working for the entire summer. A neglected AC unit will break down more frequently, need costly repairs, and may also have a need to be replaced prematurely. By keeping a check on your AC Tune-Up, your air conditioning unit will require fewer expensive repairs.

It will also reduce your heating and cooling costs, as well as add a couple of years to your air conditioning system’s life. A tune-up service also improves the reliability of the AC unit by detecting any possible problems before they can lead to failure of the particular part. You may also need AC service Hamlin NY to keep your system running smoothly.

Signs That Your AC Unit Requires A Tune-Up

To maintain the efficacy of your air conditioning unit, a minimum of one annual tune-up service is recommended by experts. The best time to have a tune-up service is during the spring season. Your air conditioning unit will start showing these signs if it has been quite a long time since your last tune-up service:

  • Your utility bill will be higher than expected, as more and more energy is used up if the air conditioning unit is not working up to its utmost ability.
  • The airflow from the vents is lesser than it normally is.
  • The air conditioning system turns off and on very frequently.
  • Higher humidity than normal inside the room.
  • The indoor temperature is higher than normal.

Frontier Heat provides only the best quality professional air conditioning services for all their customers at extremely affordable rates. Please book an appointment for your AC Replacement in Batavia, NY or a complete air conditioning tune-up performed by our professional and reliable technicians today!

How Often Should AC Coils Be Cleaned?

Your system can break down in the hot summers without proper maintenance of the air conditioning unit. The air conditioning unit works efficiently only when it can transfer heat from the inside of your house to the outside.

If the AC coil is coated with dirt and debris, it prevents this flow of air and reduces the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. To prevent this, you must keep a check on your air conditioning unit’s maintenance plans. Frontier Heat offers affordable and the best quality AC Service in Batavia, NY.

Types of AC Coils:

The air conditioning unit does not create cool air; rather, it removes the already existing heat in your house. This is made possible only due to AC coils. They are of two types:

The Evaporator Coil:

The evaporator coils are present in the inside part of the AC coil. They filter the heat and humidity from the air and remove it.

The Condenser Coil:

The condenser coil is present on the outer part of the AC coil. It uses refrigerant to transfer the heat from the inside of your house to the outside.

Why Should The AC Coils Be Cleaned Regularly?

The AC coil needs to be cleaned properly as it facilitates heat exchange through the coils. If the AC coil is not cleaned, this heat exchange will be blocked by the existing dirt and debris on the AC coil. The condenser coil, being on the outside, often collects dirt easily. The condenser coil is dirty means that the heat won’t transfer out of your house easily.

The evaporator coils, although being inside the unit, are exposed to dust. If the evaporator coil is soiled, it will take longer to remove the air’s heat and humidity and take time to cool the air. This can increase the energy usage of the air conditioning system.

When the heat transfer is slow and reduced, it leads to other problems within the air conditioning unit, such as poor cooling performance, compressor overheating, and frozen evaporator coils. Since the AC coil will take a longer time to cool the air, it leads to a rise in the utility bills due to overconsumption of the air conditioning unit.

Your air conditioning unit will also be more likely prone to breaking down prematurely. Regular AC maintenance prevents expensive AC repair Hamlin, NY.

What Is The Best Time To Clean Your Coils?

You can personally check the condenser coils every few months to remove any dirt or debris present so that you don’t have to spend a hefty amount on AC repairs. But at least one annual maintenance visit must be scheduled so that the cleaning of the AC coil is taken care of. Some systems may require two clean-ups a year, depending on the amount of time it is running or how old the system is. You must consult your technician regarding it.

Frontier Heat provides the best services for AC repair Hamlin, NY. Along with AC repairs, we also provide other air conditioning services, such as AC Installation Batavia, NY. Schedule an appointment today!

Safety is #1

Heating season is upon us and there are precautions everyone should take with their home heating systems, chimneys, and all venting for that matter.  When it comes to safety, we recommend  a professional inspection of these areas of concern.  Carbon Monoxide

Detectors or alarms as well as fire alarms should be present with fresh batteries in them.

Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in America and is totally preventable.  (Centers for Disease Control) Carbon Monoxide or CO is a natural by-product of combustion from fuel burning appliances and is invisible to human senses.  It can cause brain damage or death.    CO alarms should be replaced every five to seven years to benefit from the latest technology upgrades.  To protect yourself and your loved ones from the threat of carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases, your HVAC technician should check the functionality of your carbon monoxide detector and any other power systems related to your detector including but not limited to:

  • Missing HVAC equipment parts
  • Clogged heater draft hood
  • Flue gas spillage


Heating systems should be inspected annually.   Just like that popular commercial states, “We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two!”  You can’t imagine the things that can happen to HVAC equipment, from dead rodents to stray mylar balloons being trapped in a filter!

Chimneys and flues should be inspected for possible blockages annually, a certified chimney sweep can look at your chimney from all angles and are equipped to make any repairs necessary.  Below are items to consider in the maintenance of your heating system:

Inspecting the Heat Exchanger.  Without proper functioning, your heating system will not be able to run efficiently and may pose serious danger if it is compromised.

Cleaning your system’s burners

Inspecting all safety switches

Cleaning and inspecting of system’s blower motors, which may also include lubrication

Checking fan belts for any signs of cracking or breakage

Checking the thermostat to be sure your furnace is firing correctly.

Collecting flue gas samples to test your system’s efficiency level.

Replacing Air Filters that can become clogged.

Inspecting and assuring that all vents are properly installed

Replacing oil furnace nozzles and fuel filters

Checking Drain Lines


Frontier Heating & AC Service stands ready to serve you!  We are family-owned and operated and have been in business since 1991.  We are more than happy to help you with all of your HVAC needs.  Whether you want to email us, phone us or stop in, we are ready to help you in any way we can.  Let us help you stay safe and warm this Fall and Winter Season!


hand closing register

Heating & Cooling and Registers

Closing off heating or cooling registers is a common practice and most homeowners don’t realize this can be a costly mistake.  You may think it’s going to cut down on your heating or cooling bill when in fact, it does the exact opposite and actually increases your energy bills!  The kicker is that it could actually damage your furnace and shorten it’s lifespan.

It turns out that you also increase the chance for what is known as the static pressure inside the ductwork of  your home.  Higher static pressure is going to affect the airflow through your furnace and to your entire home.  If you have a standard blower motor on your furnace, higher static pressure is actually going to slow down the fan and decrease airflow to the entire house.  It can actually get low enough that the heat being created inside the furnace is unable to get out quickly enough and the furnace can overheat and hit the high limit, causing it to shutdown.  Repeatedly running on high limit is terrible for the furnace and will significantly shorten the life of the components, especially the heat exchanger.  The problem is similar in the summer with air conditioning – low airflow can lead to a frozen coil which could lead to liquid refrigerant making its way to the compressor which can kill that vital component in short order.  In other words, you can literally destroy your important and expensive heating and cooling equipment with something as seemingly harmless as closing a few vents.

If you have a newer, energy efficient furnace equipped with an “ECM” motor, a higher static pressure will cause the motor to use more energy to keep up with the extra pressure.  This results in higher utility bills along with shortening the lifespan of the blower.

If you have an older furnace, it may have a “PSC” blower motor that only operate at two speeds: on and off. So, when these motors work against extra pressure, the blower runs at a slower pace. And if the motor can’t pull as much cool air over the heat exchanger,  it will eventually overheat and crack, leading to thousands of dollars in repairs.

Other counter-productive issues include increased duct leakage, decreased comfort and increased energy use.  It’s always best to call a professional if you have the urge to close off any part of your home so you can be sure it makes sense and doesn’t cause damage that could cost you in the end.


  • Have a skilled heating contractor inspect your ductwork to ensure that it’s properly sealed and free of any leaks.
  • Have your furnace inspected annually and cleaned every few years to prevent blockages and other issues. If your ductwork also needs cleaning, now’s a good time to have that done as well.
  • If your furnace is in need of replacement soon, go with a newer, energy efficient model. Most new furnaces feature an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating near 95, whereas older furnaces are only half to two-thirds as efficient as their modern counterpart

To find out more about the drawbacks of closing air vents in your home, contact the professionals at Frontier Heating & AC Service, Inc. today for your heating and cooling needs.

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