Spending a hot summer in New York City with a non-functioning air conditioner would be a disaster. There could be a few reasons why your AC isn’t working properly, however it is probably because of age. Every air conditioner faces technical problems as it gets old, but there are some problems which you can resolve.

Top 7 causes of AC problems

Low refrigerant

The refrigerant acts as a working fluid for every ac, and a low level of refrigerant causes serious trouble to the ac system. The level of the refrigerant decreases due to leakage and holes in the pipe. You would need an HVAC repair technician to fix the leakage. 

Evaporator coils

Evaporator coils are filled with refrigerant, and these coils require warm air circulation for proper flowing of refrigerant. A layer of ice can build up on the evaporator coil due to improper airflow. This leads to the output of warm air.

Condenser coil

Condenser coil gets blocked due to dirt and debris. This decreases the efficiency of the ac system.

Fan problems

Fan problems occur due to a faulty motor, lack of lubrication, worn belts, or collection of dirt and debris. This causes poor airflow and air conditioner problems; further, it can lead to compressor failure.

Leaking ducts

Leakage of cool air from the ducts due to holes or breaks. Leakage of ducts that runs through your walls and ceilings causes more pressure on components of ac which increases the utility bills.

Thermostat problems

Incorrectly calibrated thermostat causes air conditioning problems due to incorrect control settings. This problem can be fixed easily by replacing or recalibrating your thermostats.

Clogged drains

A clogged drain line happens due to dirt and debris inside the drainage poor, and it causes a collection of water that can damage your ac system. Further, it leads to the growth of fungus and molds.

Easy methods to prevent air conditioning problems

Clean or replace air filters

Airflow problems and freezing of condenser coils can be fixed by cleaning or replacing air filters.

Repair duct line

A thorough inspection of the duct line is required if you suspect any leakage or inadequate airflow. Reach out to an HVAC technician to examine the duct lines of your ac system.

Get a programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats are more reliable, convenient, and accurate for every ac control system. They save energy and can be operated through remote or smartphones.

Clean the outdoor unit

Do not ignore the outdoor unit; these units need to get cleaned at regular intervals of time. Neglecting debris and dirt collected in the outdoor units causes blockage of the drain line, fan failure, and work pressure on other components of the ac system.

Regular maintenance

Conduct maintenance checkup of the entire ac system every 4 months to ensure the air conditioner’s proper functioning and long life. 

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