What to Do If Your Heating System Won’t Turn On: 10 Steps

What to Do If Your Heating System Won’t Turn On: 10 Steps

A heating system is a significant part of our home appliance systems, and there is no denying this. You should try DIY methods before calling for a professional heating system replacement in Batavia, NY.

Top 10 Steps Yhat You Can Follow -

  • Ensure That The Heating System Is On

In many cases, it is found that homeowners don’t know the heating is OFF. The technicians might have turned it off by mistake, or someone flipped the power switch. That is why you must ensure the power switch is ON.

  • Inspect The Thermostat

The thermostat should be the first part that you need to inspect. Since this part is responsible for maintaining temperature across your home, any damage can cause the entire system to fall. If you fail to resolve this, you may opt for a new heating system installation in Batavia, NY.

  • Check The Circuit Breaker.

The circuit breaker is another essential aspect of a heating system. If the breaker has tripped, turn off the switch on your furnace. Then reset the breaker and switch on the heating system again.

  • Change The Filters if Required.

The air filters are why our indoor air remains pollution free and fresh. The filters keep collecting dirt and dust over time. If the filters are changed frequently, the airflow will be obstructed. As a result, the heating system operation will come to a halt.

  • Inspect The Pilot Light

If the pilot is out, your furnace will not turn on. It happens due to the dirty or malfunctioned flame sensor. It is better to call for a professional heating maintenance in Batavia, NY, for an immediate solution.

  • Check The Gas Supply.

You might want to inspect the gas line if your heating system is based on gas. First, you must ensure that the gas supply is ON, then proceed to check the gas line to check if there is any leak. For the second issue, you must require expert support.

  • Improper Thermostat Setting

You must ensure that the thermostat has been set to Heat for the winter season. If the temperature requirement is set to Cool, you will not get any heat supply from the system. You can either try to reset the temperature on your own or wait for your reliable heating installation in Batavia, NY.

  • Replace The Capacitor

If your thermostat has a bad capacitor, it will not turn on. Since this part of your heating system is responsible for turning on and running the system, you must get it checked as early as possible.

  • Replace The Dirty Blower

The blower will not let the warm air pass if it becomes dirty. The constant obstruction will prevent the furnace from operating. Otherwise, you may have to choose a heating system replacement in Batavia, NY.

  • Locate Any Ice or Water Congestion

If your heating system incurs water damage due to a refrigerant leak, your heating system may fail to turn on.

To Wrap Up,

If you do not perform regular heating system maintenance in Batavia, NY, your furnace may experience problems. Frontier Heating is a professional HVAC repair Batavia. We will resolve your heating issues efficiently and effectively. Call us at 585-589-2525 to learn more about our services.