Furnace Repair & Maintenance for the Holidays

When the holidays are around the corner, homeowners must attend to various activities to make sure they spend their holidays peacefully with their entire family. To ensure the family’s comfort, homeowners must check whether their furnace systems are working efficiently or not. 

Furnaces provide heat to the homes and protect them from frosty weather in New York City. Make sure your system is working in optimal conditions for it to last the entire winter season. Schedule heating services in Batavia, NYfor a routine checkup.  

How to Know When to Schedule a Furnace Repair?

Scheduling frequent heating services, is necessary for your furnace unit to last the entire winter season. Some signs that indicate HVAC repair Batavia include – 

  • Spiked Utility Bills

    If you notice a sudden rise in utility bills, the reason behind it may be a faulty furnace system. When your furnace unit cannot function properly, it requires extra energy to make sure the room reaches the desired temperature. This situation occurs when the AC unit also requires extra running time to heat the room. The extra energy consumed results in increased utility bills. Contact an expert to help you sort out this issue!

  • Too Noisy

    Rattling, squeaking, and popping noises coming out of your furnace unit are not normal. These sounds may occur because of a clogged burner, mechanical problems with the unit, or problems with the motor bearings of the furnace unit. When you hear such noises, it is advised to call a professional for help and not perform a DIY in case you are not aware of the entire process. 

  • Poor Air Quality

    Do you notice the air quality of your home suddenly decreasing? Leaving your family members uncomfortable as they are coughing and sneezing the entire time? This may be due to the air quality. When your furnace system’s air filters are dirty, the filters will not purify the air. This leaves the contaminants and other harmful particles in the air. To prevent this, change the air filters regularly and clean the outdoor and the indoor units of your furnace system thoroughly to prevent any particles or mold from building into the system. 

  • Inadequate Heating Capacity

    Are you experiencing some cold spots throughout your place even while your furnace system is running? If yes, try adjusting your thermostat readings. If you have tried this already, reach out for Batavia AC repair to diagnose the problem. Sometimes this issue occurs when there are problems with the furnace’s ductwork or due to clogged filters. 

  • Short Cycles

    Is your furnace system starting on and off by itself frequently? These are called short cycles. Short cycles occur mainly because there is no proper airflow. The issue behind this is possible because of clogged air filters or a faulty thermostat. 

Looking for heating repair in Batavia, NY? Frontier Heating & A/C Service, Inc is the one-stop solution for all your HVAC-related issues. Give us a call at (585)-589-2525 today to book your appointment.

What To Do When The Air Conditioner Keeps Running When Turned Off?

The first thing you need to do whenever you find yourself panicking about your air conditioner malfunctioning is to call for AC service in Hamlin, NY. It is always advised to consult a professional before making conclusions about your air conditioner’s problems.

However, your AC unit running when it is turned off is completely abnormal, and here are five reasons why it may happen.

The Fan is Set ON

Your air conditioner’s fan can run separately on its own. Although the fan works together with the AC unit, they do not turn on and off at the same time. Setting the fan in AUTO mode will allow it to turn on only when cooling is needed.

However, if the fan is set in ON mode instead of AUTO, then it will blow out air continuously. Check your thermostat, if it is in AUTO state, then schedule an appointment with AC repair in Batavia services for further diagnosis.

Broken Thermostat

If your thermostat is malfunctioning, then you will find that the temperature in your home is not the same as what you set on your thermostat. AS the broken thermostat cannot gauge the room’s temperature accurately, it will cause the system to turn on when it is supposed to be off. 

A thermostat plays a vital role in your air conditioner’s functioning. Always check if it is working properly and replace the device regularly.

High Outdoor Temperatures

When the outdoor temperatures are extreme, your AC unit might not be able to keep up the temperature of the room cool and cause the system to run continuously. Try turning the temperature setting in your thermostat to 5-10 degrees high and check if the system turns off. 

If the system shuts down, it means that your air conditioner is small for the size of your home. Contact HVAC repair in Batavia to assess the problem and suggest an appropriate air conditioner size for your home.

Damage In The Relay Switch

A relay switch will open and close the electrical circuits to your air conditioner’s fan along with other components. If this switch is broken, it will cut off the thermostat’s communication with the fan. Simply put, your fan will not receive the commands you are sending to turn on or off. Therefore it keeps running even if you turn the device off.

Short Circuit

This is a similar case to a broken relay switch. If the air conditioner short circuits, the commands won’t reach the thermostat to perform the task. 

Do not try to fix this issue yourself as it may cause you harm. You do not want to deal with electrical short circuits without contacting a professional.

Contact an AC repair, service immediately if you find any of these problems to get proper solutions. Our technicians at frontier heat will keep repairing your air conditioner to be safe and functioning in no time. Contact us at (585)-589-2525 to schedule an appointment. You can even mail us at info@frontierheat.com.

How Often Should AC Coils Be Cleaned?

Your system can break down in the hot summers without proper maintenance of the air conditioning unit. The air conditioning unit works efficiently only when it can transfer heat from the inside of your house to the outside.

If the AC coil is coated with dirt and debris, it prevents this flow of air and reduces the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. To prevent this, you must keep a check on your air conditioning unit’s maintenance plans. Frontier Heat offers affordable and the best quality AC Service in Batavia, NY.

Types of AC Coils:

The air conditioning unit does not create cool air; rather, it removes the already existing heat in your house. This is made possible only due to AC coils. They are of two types:

The Evaporator Coil:

The evaporator coils are present in the inside part of the AC coil. They filter the heat and humidity from the air and remove it.

The Condenser Coil:

The condenser coil is present on the outer part of the AC coil. It uses refrigerant to transfer the heat from the inside of your house to the outside.

Why Should The AC Coils Be Cleaned Regularly?

The AC coil needs to be cleaned properly as it facilitates heat exchange through the coils. If the AC coil is not cleaned, this heat exchange will be blocked by the existing dirt and debris on the AC coil. The condenser coil, being on the outside, often collects dirt easily. The condenser coil is dirty means that the heat won’t transfer out of your house easily.

The evaporator coils, although being inside the unit, are exposed to dust. If the evaporator coil is soiled, it will take longer to remove the air’s heat and humidity and take time to cool the air. This can increase the energy usage of the air conditioning system.

When the heat transfer is slow and reduced, it leads to other problems within the air conditioning unit, such as poor cooling performance, compressor overheating, and frozen evaporator coils. Since the AC coil will take a longer time to cool the air, it leads to a rise in the utility bills due to overconsumption of the air conditioning unit.

Your air conditioning unit will also be more likely prone to breaking down prematurely. Regular AC maintenance prevents expensive AC repair Hamlin, NY.

What Is The Best Time To Clean Your Coils?

You can personally check the condenser coils every few months to remove any dirt or debris present so that you don’t have to spend a hefty amount on AC repairs. But at least one annual maintenance visit must be scheduled so that the cleaning of the AC coil is taken care of. Some systems may require two clean-ups a year, depending on the amount of time it is running or how old the system is. You must consult your technician regarding it.

Frontier Heat provides the best services for AC repair Hamlin, NY. Along with AC repairs, we also provide other air conditioning services, such as AC Installation Batavia, NY. Schedule an appointment today!