Should You Replace Your AC? Here Are Some Indicators To Help You Decide

Should You Replace Your AC? Here Are Some Indicators To Help You Decide

All air conditioners have an expiry date, but not a fixed expiry date. The expiration date of your air conditioner depends on several factors, like how well you maintained it and how much its current efficiency is.

It is normal for owners to get confused regarding the right time to contact an AC contractor in Batavia to replace their air conditioner. Here are some obvious and sure signs that your air conditioner is not capable of working for more months:

Old Age

Whether a human or an HVAC appliance, old age does not allow them to work at their maximum efficiency levels. If your air conditioner is old, say more than fifteen years old, you should stop using it and replace it with a new one.

It may be possible that your current air conditioner is old, but it works just fine with a few repair jobs. However, you should know that an old air conditioner has higher chances of safety hazards like carbon monoxide leakages and fire due to short circuits. Taking such a risk with your family is not worth it, so you should replace the old one.

Frequent repairs

An air conditioner needs one or two repair jobs each working cycle to maintain its efficiency levels. But, if you notice that your current air conditioner, whether new or old, is demanding too many repair jobs, you should replace it.

The best way to determine this is to calculate the total money you spent on repair jobs. If the money is more than half the amount of a new air conditioner, you should contact a professional installer for AC replacement in Batavia, NY.

Rising Energy Bills

Most appliances working in our homes need energy or electricity to function. The usage frequency of these appliances determines our monthly energy bills. Now, if you notice that your energy bills have a sudden hike in the first summer bill, your air conditioner may be at fault.

There may be some internal technical issue with your air conditioner, leading to higher energy consumption. You should contact a technician to repair your air conditioner, but in most cases, you will have to replace it. It is best to replace it now to avoid the big monthly energy bills.

Old Technology

As you know, HVAC technology advances each month. You can often find new inventions and appliances in the market with the latest technology that provides high comfort levels and does not harm the environment.

If you have an old air conditioner, it is obvious that it has outdated technology. If your air conditioner needs a refrigerant refill, you will not be able to do so as the production of R-22 freon has stopped due to its harmful side effects on the environment. It means you will have to replace your air conditioner when it breaks down, whether now or later.


These are some of the strongest signs indicating the need to replace your current air conditioner. You should not ignore these signs and think they will disappear after some time. In the worst cases, delaying the replacement of your HVAC appliance can cause serious safety hazards to your family.

We understand that replacing an air conditioner does not happen in a day. It would help if you had a proper plan and structure to replace your air conditioner, from finding the perfect model to installing it flawlessly. Frontier Heat can help you with all the replacement steps.

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