Prepping Your AC Unit For Summer

Prepping Your AC Unit For Summer

Preparing an AC unit for the summer months is not difficult, but it is important to ensure that your system operates efficiently in the heat of summer. When an air conditioner has been idle for months and collects leaves and dirt, it often requires little maintenance to operate efficiently. If you do not perform this maintenance before summer arrives, you may end up waiting several hot days for a busy AC repair in Hamlin, NY, and paying the top season price to get started. 

Replacing the filters, cleaning the condenser, and performing a few minor checks will help the air conditioner to be in shape, and you’ll be ready to drive your house efficiently and cool this summer. Here’s how you can make your air conditioner ready for summer by following simple steps

Here are some simple steps to make your Air conditioner ready for Summer:

  • Clean or Replace the Filters 

Suppose the furnace or vent filter appears clogged with dust; you can clean or replace it. Failure to replace these filters will limit air flow and reduce the air conditioner’s efficiency. The dust filter also returns dust to your home.

  • Clean the Air Conditioner’s Condenser Coils 

Clean the condenser coil and fan of the air conditioner. The condenser unit for the central air conditioner is usually installed outdoors. It is a large fan in a metallic container whose sides look like a grill. If your condensing unit was covered during the winter months, uncover it. In that case, there is likely not much dust or debris that needs to be cleaned. But if it wasn’t covered, there’s probably a larger buildup of leaves, garden debris, and dirt. Make sure the fan is clear and free of debris. 

  • Preparing your Thermostat for Summer 

Test the thermostat system controls to see if they work properly, especially the start cycle. Consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat. This allows you to automate various temperature settings throughout the day. 

  • Air Flow Leaks and Obstructions 

If there are gaps or obstacles in the duct, the airflow in the HVAC unit may be reduced, so check the duct and connection for open spots or damage. 

  • Check Coolant Lines 

Check the refrigerant line, tube, or pipes from the condenser to the inside of the house (evaporator). These should be completely covered with insulation to avoid energy loss. You can cover them with a foam insulation sleeve or use foam insulation tape. 

  • HVAC Repair and Maintenance 

At the end of spring, it is advisable to call a professional HVAC technician to check and service the system. As a result of the maintenance visit, you can confirm that the system is working properly. If you notice any issues, you have time to fix them before the summer. Certified HVAC technicians inspect the entire system, including refrigerant levels, electrical connections, wiring, and other components, to help homeowners identify problems that are often overlooked by inexperienced HVAC repair in Batavia NY.

Now that you have checked out the AC unit, it’s time to turn it on again. Set the thermostat to the required temperature and switch to AC mode. If cold air does not come out of the vents after about 10-15 minutes, you should contact an HVAC specialist. At Frontier Heating Service, our technicians can quickly identify issues to get your system summer-ready in less time. Call us to get the help of our expert service technicians for AC maintenance in Batavia and enjoy comfortable room temperatures all year-round.