I cannot say enough good things about Frontier Heating. Larry and Matt came to clean my furnace. They cleaned it, but they also found 3 cracks in it, so my furnace, which was 50 years old, had to be replaced. Rich came out to determine what I needed, and Matt came back with John to install the new one. They were here from 9 AM to 6:30 PM. It was a long day for them but they were unfailingly polite, friendly, respectful, and completely professional. I stayed upstairs most of the day since my furnace is in the back hall and I didn’t want to interrupt them, but when I did ask a question they never made me feel that it was dumb or that I was bothering them. They would take time to answer it patiently right then, even if it was something they were planning to go over with me at the end, which they did. I was amazed at how much work two guys could do in one day. They had to run a dedicated electrical line to the panel box, plus they had to drill new holes for pipes and do any number of extra things. Without fail, everyone from Frontier was respectful, polite, and completely focused on doing the best job possible, and that includes the receptionist, Terry, whom I spoke to several times on the phone. The guys also explained everything thoroughly to me, such as why certain pipes needed to be run a certain way, or why they decided to go with a dedicated line instead of a plug like the old one had, and several other things. They explained in detail how the new furnace worked because it was so different from the old one, and how the new thermostat worked. They covered everything, even things that at the time I wouldn’t have realized I had questions about, so that I wouldn’t have to call later to find something out. I had the best experience possible with every single person I dealt with at Frontier. They are truly a customer-oriented business through and through. Thanks, Frontier!