How Can an AC Fire Be Prevented?

How Can an AC Fire Be Prevented?

The warmer weather has finally arrived, so naturally, it is time to turn on the air conditioning. According to AC contractors in Batavia, neglected AC units can cause fires. Ensure your air conditioner is secure and prepared to keep your house comfortable before the cooler season arrives.

Typical Reasons for AC Fires

  • Flammable Objects Close to the Unit

If flammable substances like paper and leaves and flammable liquids like gasoline are left close to your air conditioner, there is always a fire risk. Remove any clutter, and keep flammable liquids as far away from your air conditioner as possible.

  • Overheating

One of the main reasons why an air conditioner becomes a fire hazard is by overheating. Overheating can be caused by dirty filters or objects causing friction in your motor. Additionally, avoid leaving your air conditioner on all day long as this will only cause damage and require frequent AC repair in Hamlin, NY.

  • Faulty Maintenance

An air conditioner unit is a system with various components that ensure it functions properly. These components will eventually become obsolete, which will make your system work too hard. This can become a fire hazard if you wait a long time to check your unit.

  • Wiring

If faulty wiring and flammable materials are present, an air conditioning fire could start in a few minutes.

  • Faulty Parts

You might miss the failure of essential components if you’re not paying attention to how your air conditioner operates. The device may overheat and ignite nearby combustible materials.

  • Not Maintaining a Clean AC.

If you don’t regularly clean your air conditioner, dust, dirt, and pet hair will build up in the outside unit’s air vents, filters, coils, and fins. This can cause a malfunction in the system and a fire.

Tips to Avoid AC Fires

  • Do Not Overuse.

Running your appliance continuously increases the risk of mechanical problems and fires. Experts suggest using a programmable thermostat for Batavia AC repair, to prevent fire risk.

  • Watch Out for Wiring. 

Ensure a safe location for your air conditioning unit. This means it shouldn’t be installed in a deck because doing so could make the system a fire hazard. Never power your device with an extension cord because it could cause sparks to form on the cord.

  • Keep it Tidy.

Verify the air filter’s cleanliness and functionality. This is a vital step in the routine upkeep you should give your air conditioner. In the long run, keeping this machine clean will also decrease your bills and significantly prevent an air conditioning fire.

  • Plan Routine Maintenance

Don’t wait for mechanical malfunctions and warning signs of trouble. It’s essential to schedule regular professional maintenance inspections in the fall and spring to keep your AC functioning properly, decrease the risk of fire, and prevent AC service.

  • Avoid Leaving it on Nonstop.

Overheating, one of the primary factors in home fires can result from leaving your HVAC system running all day. According to experts of AC service, you could turn on the air conditioning a few hours beforehand to create a fresh atmosphere.

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