Common Safety Measures For DIY Appliance Repairs

Common Safety Measures For DIY Appliance Repairs

Many of us attempt to repair home appliances before calling in a technician. By saving on repair costs, we sometimes put ourselves in danger, especially if we do not know how to budget. Anyone attempting a DIY repair on a home appliance needs extra caution and follow a few guidelines to ensure you and your home are safe. Frontier Heating offers one of the best AC service in Batavia, NY to your doorstep.

Safety Tips for Air Conditioning Repair

  • Unplug the Appliance

It is not enough to switch off an appliance before you repair it. An appliance continues to draw power even when it is switched off. So when you disassemble the appliance, you can get an electric shock. Ensure you unplug the appliance to the power supply and it is cut off totally before you take things apart. You should also remove any batteries from the appliance before disassembling it.

  • Protect Your Eyes and Face

Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes, especially if you are dealing with strong chemicals, smoke or flying debris. The glasses should cover the front and sides of your eyes to provide maximum protection to your eyes. You could also wear a face shield to protect yourself from possible splashes of hazardous liquids.

  • Protect Your Hands and Feet

Wear rubber gloves to protect yourself from electric shocks. Being a bad conductor of electricity, electric current cannot pass through rubber and will keep you safe. You should also wear rubber-soled shoes for the same reason and prevent slipping, tripping or falling.

  • Use Proper Tools

If you are planning on DIY repairs, keep a set of basic tools that can be used for most appliance repairs. These would include a variety of cross-slot screwdrivers depending on size, sharpness and handle length, a putty knife, a nut-driver set, a combination wrench set, a multimeter, needle-nose pliers, and wire cutters. Using these proper tools will help with air conditioning repair in Hamlin, NY.

Having a Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Kit in always Handing
If an electrical appliance catches fire, do not use water to put out the fire because fire conducts electricity. Keep a Type C fire extinguisher ready in case of such an emergency. The fire extinguisher must be checked regularly to ensure it has not expired. If the fire gets out of hand, leave your house, close the door behind you and call the fire department immediately. Always keep a first aid kit ready to deal with any injury caused when repairing an appliance.

  • Ensure Proper Reinstalling

Once you have repaired the appliance, reassemble it by strictly adhering to the user manual or manufacturer’s instructions. Check water valves or connections for leaks before reconnecting the appliance to the power supply.

AC Service in Batavia, NY

As you can see, there are a whole bunch of things you need to consider before attempting to repair an appliance yourself. It is wiser and safer to get your repairs done by Sears Technicians trained to carry out all appliance repairs.

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